Market Stalls 2017

Gifts, clothing, activities etc

Candle milkshakes

Candles look like milkshakes and deserts. Toy stall

Himalayan Scentsations

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Handmade Soy Candles

Deb Hill


Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week supporting mental illness

Tattooed Sister Airbrush

Airbrush Tattoos in colour

Sue's Laughing Clowns

Stall laughing clowns, placing a ball in the mouth of clown


Circus workshop for children

The Basin Playgroup

Free activity, colouring ,games, sticker, story time.

Food stalls (local traders)

The Basin Bakery

Pies, sausage rolls, pasties, assorted cakes.

Lunch special: 1 plain pie, 1 iced donut, 1 can of soft drink 375ml only $5

The Chocolate Dragonfly Cafe

Open for breakfast (from 6:30am) and lunch. Certified gluten free. Great coffee. Free live performances all day.

Special: Fresh home made French vanilla slices. Made every morning.

Svaks Cafe

Cakes and pastries made on premises. Great coffee. Free live performances all day. Breakfast from 7am-2:30pm.

Special: 10% off when you buy coffee and cake

The Basin Fish and Chip Shop

Fresh fish and chips. Great take away dinner for the park stage. Open from 11am Saturday, 12pm Sunday.

Food stalls (market)

The Basin Music Festival

Sausage Sizzle

Grand Ridge Brewery

Beer and Cider

Penny's Pofferjes

Dutch Pancakes

Gold n duck

Duck Pie wrap, Calamari salt and pepper served in a cone

Potato Twister

Spiral Potato deep fried on a stick

Indian Hot Food

Indian Food


Coffee, Chai, tea, hot chocolate, iced varieties

Brett O'Donnell

Handmade Steamed Dumplings


Unique range of gourmet Asian sauces

Man Shuen Ng

Liquorice and Confectionary