Musician Application

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a community event with limited funds, we regret that we are unable to pay musicians for their performances. However you are welcome to sell merchandise at any venue you play at, and we can sell it for you (no commission charged) at the Information Tent.

Main Contact
This is the person who controls the bookings for the act
Artist/Group/Band Details

Complimentary admission to paid venues will be given to all performers listed above when they sign in at the Information Tent.

Describe your stage needs, such as how many vocal microphones and direct-inputs. The festival provides back-line gear on some stages; typically a bass amp and a partial drum kit. Drummers using a back-line kit must supply their own cymbals, snare, and kick pedal. We repeat... Drummers must provide their own cymbals, snare, and kick pedal. You can learn how to create a graphic plot of your band's stage layout at this page.. How to make a stage plot/input list for your band. Musicians must bring their own instrument leads and music/instrument stands. We advise you label your equipment (especially accessories such as leads, electronic tuners, guitar stands, capos, etc.) showing your name and contact info. Every year we find a few bits of non-labelled gear which goes into our Lost & Found box.
Optional Extra Participation

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. We provide free food and coffee. You can also help in between your performances. So if you are unsure, put your name down anyway.

For programming purposes, we need to know which day(s) you can play.
Promotional Material
Please support your application with some promo material. You can upload a sound file and a photo, or send CDs, photographs etc to: Program Manager, PO Box 230, The Basin 3154. Also. Your merchandise can be made available for sale at venues and the festival tent.
Give a brief and interesting description of your act/performance which may be included in a program book (no more than 50 words).
Select the most accurate genre that describes you
Put your own description of your genre if the General Genre is not accurate.
(files must be a gif, jpg or png and must be 800Kb or smaller)
(files must be an mp3 and must be 10MB or smaller)
We have a merchandise tent available free of charge and zero commission. Limit of three different products per act. Please indicate if you have items to sell.
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