Participating Musician Information

Hello fellow musos

Now a bit of nuts and bolts wrt The Basin Music Festival 2016.

We all know that sometimes people at festivals etc. tend to take themselves too seriously and everyone gets stressed out….however there are just some things that need to be put in place so we can all have as much an enjoyable weekend as possible

OK ?

There will be provided;

PA and sound engineer provided on Main Stage, Progress Hall, The Acorn, The Oak Tree
PA in the Seniors Hall however, possibly no sound engineer…. but the desk will be accessible to the Stage
PA only ( no engineer) in the Thai restaurant and coffee shops

There will be a bass amp and drum kit provided to Main Stage, Oak Tree, Progress Hall and Seniors Hall….although the drummer needs to bring cymbals , snare and pedal

You need to check in at least one hour before your performance at the information tent in the park so that all performers can get a ‘stamp’ (Sabrina 0429 184 942) The stamp also effectively gives the musos a full festival pass (performers only)

You need to register with the Stage Manager at least half an hour before your performance so he knows you are there…. (it would of course be prudent to get to the Festival as early as you can to park, register, ….and relax and have time to take in lots of other acts)

Now we also need you to confirm the number of performers and types of instruments you are using on stage. Label all your equipment and put phone numbers on it. If you can send us a stage plan layout that would be good. This enables our sound engineers and stage manager to pre-plan your performance and speed up the band change-overs.

Please use the Musician Confirmation Information Form to enter this information and upload a stage plan layout.

Where there is a full hour between acts, your playing time starts at the designated time and in total is 40 minutes, leaving a 20 minute changeover between acts.

Where there are 45 minutes between smaller acts, the playing time is 35 minutes with a 10 minute changeover (although in the smaller venues where there is only a guitar or two, sometimes performers ‘overlap’ on purpose)

If you take longer to setup and start late then the stage manager may consider that you will take longer to pack up thus may stop you earlier.

Problems have occurred in the past in venues such as the Oak Tree Tavern as access is tight…through the front door and punters…..and having to battle in past the band loading out……stay cool :-) ……get there early…be nice to Wayne

The Progress Hall load in is through the side (kitchen) door facing Forest Road….Kitchen is also the ‘Green Room’ for this venue

There will be a ‘Green Room’ tent beside the Main Stage

Other venues are more self-explanatory but again unloading / parking may be a slight issue

Parking is always a problem around the venues so you may have to quickly double park. (All hands on deck.) Longer term parking is off Church St or at St Bernadette’s School in Mountain Highway.

I have also attached The Parking Plan. Click image on the right.

Just a little note that is probably not necessary but …please no alcohol on stage at any time…..apart from the principle ( surely we can go without for just one set), it is a real bummer trying to wind up sticky leads etc….not to mention the thousands of $ of hired and donated gear at risk.

Having said that, you are allowed to consume alcohol in the park and in the venues (and halls) …so play your set ..then kick back and listen to a great musical line-up

Contact numbers during the day;

Area Contact Mobile
Information Tent   Sabrina   0429 184 942
Production Mark 0407 843 060
General Enquiries John 0402 138 835
  Dan 0401 030 353
Programming Ray 0408 314 778


Looking forward to seeing you at our festival ( in using the word ‘our’ I am including you, as this is your festival too….a festival FOR musos ….and BY musos)

AND….if you have some spare time we need extra volunteers to help with stage management etc…you know ..the sort of stuff you guys are good at

Cheers…and above all HAVE FUN

Ray Smith
0408 314778