Bendigo Bank

Ferntree Gully and Rowville Community Bank® branches have contributed funding to the festival.

The Community Bank® concept is a franchise provided by Bendigo Bank. The community, through its community company owns the right to establish a Bendigo Bank Branch which is operated entirely by Bendigo Bank . Community Bank® Branches provide communities with an opportunity through their own community companies to enhance control over the capital of their community, and with the profits made, ensure more money stays in the district for local investment, sponsorship and grant programs.

The Community Bank® Branch model enables stakeholders to play an active role in enhancing the long term prospects of their district and in fact to have a say in the manner in which profits are distributed back to their communities. The Branches also provide communities with the certainty of banking services enabling customers to bank in the way they want, whether that be face to face with a manager at each Branch, electronically or over the phone.

Your Branches in Ferntree Gully and Rowville and our agency in Scoresby offer a full array of banking services as well as providing friendly professional service to all our customers. After 13 years, the community company which you started continues to contribute to securing a prosperous future for your communities.

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