Debrief Meeting April 2013

Come and help us examine what happened and plan for the future. Open to anyone. RSVP for numbers.

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 7:30pm to 10:30pm
IDDetailRaised BySuggested SolutionSuggested By
1Improve advertising & promotionRayDedicated officer for advertising & promotionRay
2Should paid venues pay for soundRayAsk venues to contribute to soundRay
3Stop using progress hallRay
4Advertise Big Break straight awayRayPoster and banner designs are neededGraeme
5Story ideas to publicize in local paperGraemee.g. Bio on last years winnerGraeme
6Poster and banner designs are neededGraemeGraphic design competition for postersGraeme
7Date for Big BreakGraeme
8Venue for Big BreakGraeme
9Poster details required for Big BreakGraeme
10Set date for next years festivalGraeme
11Tell venues the dates for next yearGraeme
12Contact details on website unclearSabrinaAll committee to be listed with roles and contact detailsSabrina
13Remove Bank Account details from websiteSabrina
14Explore need for an advertising budget for local newspapersSabrina
15Musicians should advertise their performancesSabrinaWe should ask musicians to advertise their performanceSabrina
16Musicians don’t register at the information tentSabrinaWe need to give clearer information to musiciansSabrina
17Musicians don’t register at the information tentSabrinaDirect musicians from the venues/sound guys to the information tent using signsDan
18Musicians don’t behave getting on and off stageSabrinaWe need to give clearer information to musicians. Possibly a flyer.Sabrina
19Marketing & Sponsorship PlanAnthony
20Split Marketing and SponsorhipGraeme
21Find someone to do marketingGraeme
22Find someone to do sponsorshipGraeme
23Eastern Radio do a mobile broadcast from the siteAnthonyNeeds to be done before JulyAnthony
24Contact Sammy Owen RE Big BreakRay
25Contact Khristian Mizzi RE Big BreakRay
26Contact Andrea RE Big BreakRay
27Contact Rock Garage RE Big BreakRay
28Why less volunteersMark
29Need more volunteers for setupMark
30Need more volunteers for break downMark
31Stage managers did not register/turn upMark
32Stage setup must be on timeMark
33Review change over timesMark
34No run sheets with band detailsMark
35Program finalised 4 weeks before festivalMark
36Need more coordinators to oversee tasksMark
37How to present the program on the websiteMark
38Create a web site issues listMark
39Resolve web site issuesMark
40Find someone to do public relationsMark
41Create a productions issues listMark
42Resolve production issuesMark
43Streamline management - tasks go to appropriate committee memberMark
44Discourage badly behaved musicians, members etc from participatingMark
45Grow the committee teamMark
46Clear event structureAnthony
47Event documentation completedAnthony
48Event risk assessment completedAnthony
49Review the event documentationAnthony
50Adopt some Hume City Council Stall holder applicationSabrina
51Collect gas appliance information from stall holdersAnthony
52Artists/Musicians are not given enough informationJan DandridgeMake artist information on the website open and not dependant on online registrationGraeme
53If venues want to be involved, they should do something to encourage people to come in!Jan DandridgeVenues that are not operating should not be given musicians. e.g. Coffees and lunch was not available at the Thai Restaurant.Graeme
54Regular customers for the retailers are lost due to parkingBasin Bakery - FeeSigns earlier. Put message on the website.Basin Bakery - Fee
555% Discount was not offered to volunteers this yearBasin Bakery - FeeShould offer discount to volunteers from retailers. 10% discount is a possibilityBasin Bakery - Fee