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Use this form to register your stall online for the market.

First please read the Vendor Terms and Conditions

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What product and/or services propose to promote/sell?
Free Activity

Note: preference will be given to sites that specifically fit the theme of the event and/or provide a free activity.

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You MUST provide a second (different) set of contact details.
You MUST have Public Liability Insurance. Please confirm.
A Certificate of Currency must be provided. Please upload or email your CURRENT Insurance Certificate to, or post to Market Coordinator, PO Box 230, The Basin 3154 (files must be a jpg, tif, pdf, doc, docx or zip and must be 1MB or smaller)

Please note: If your application is successful you will be required to complete additional paperwork. Successful food providers will be required to comply with State legislation and provide advance notice of attendance through and provide a copy to the festival

Electrical Equipment
Generator must be silenced. Electricity cannot be supplied.

I propose to bring the following electrical equipment:

List equipment

Please note:

  • all owned electrical equipment must be tested and tagged within six (6) months of event
  • all hired electrical equipment must be tested and tagged within three (3) months of event
  • equipment not listed will not be permitted
Gas Equipment

I propose to bring the following LP Gas equipment:

Please indicate quantity, size and approval badges for each.

Please note: equipment not listed will not be permitted

Fire Extinguisher
Compulsory for food sites
Site access
How many people will need access to your site over the weekend?

Maximum site size is 3m x 3m. (Larger/different by negotiation.)

Sites do not allow for separate vehicles/trailers which must be off site by 10.30am and parked in the car park (Church Street) before the festival opens.

Please upload or email a site plan to, or post to Market Coordinator, PO Box 230, The Basin 3154. (file uploads must be a gif, jpg or png and must be 800KB or smaller)

Notes for drawing site plan:

  • Indicate the front customer facing side
  • Dimensions of all marquees, vans, cool-rooms, trailers (including draw bars) must be shown in plan.
  • Show position of all equipment inc. vans, marquees, bottled gas & gas appliances, trailers & cool-rooms.
  • Your site will be inspected for compliance prior to commencement of business. Any items not on this plan may have to be removed.
Requirements and Costs


  • Please indicate your requirements by ticking each one
  • Costs are indicative only and are subject to change
  • Larger/different site size by negotiation


All applications will be reviewed by committee and you will be notified in the first week of February regarding the success of your application. Site fees are due by February 28th, 2020.


All sites must be set up by 10.30am and vehicles off the site. You will be required to remain on site until the entertainment programmed on the outdoor stage has finished. Details of parking and site locations will be sent.

All correspondence must returned to TBMF by February 28th, 2021. Post any correspondence to the Market Coordinator, PO Box 230, The Basin 3154. Or e-mail:

All listed prices include GST.

Privacy Policy

The personal information requested is being collected by The Basin Music Festival Association (TBMF) for use solely by TBMF in relation to the festival. All information will remain private and confidential.

To Be Posted

Please email your CURRENT Insurance Certificate to, or post to Market Coordinator, PO Box 230, The Basin 3154

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