Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the program schedule published yet?

With well over 100 acts (we estimate up to 400 musicians) on average, coordinating The Basin Music Festival (TBMF) schedule is a complex, time-consuming and daunting task. We are making every effort to finalise the program, as musicians continuously contact us to make changes to their time slots up to (and during) the festival. The schedule becomes more stable closer to the festival date. We publish it as soon as we consider it to be acceptable. If you are a musician on the schedule, contact us directly to get current unofficial schedule information. We advise our community that schedule changes will happen, and to keep checking the website for the latest updates. Thanks for your support.

How can I help the festival?

Look in "Apply here" in the menu above or click here. Visit our Volunteers Wanted page to find out how to volunteer. Thanks for your support.

Where can I park my car?

  • See the fetival map for a parking guide. The paved car park between the community halls gets filled quickly -- not by music festival people -- but by the swarm of weekend cyclists who arrived very early in the morning. As they leave, we will try to increase the number of temporary disabled parking spots. The main festival parking area is on the south lawn of the park, accessed through a gate at the end of Church Street (go right in -- don't block the gate). Follow the signs.
  • If you need DISABLED PARKING and cannot find an open spot, seek help from festival crew and we will try to accommodate you.
  • There's an unsealed car park just north of the roundabout on Mountain Highway (about 20 spaces; don't block the entrance to this area!). You may be able to park down Mountain Highway at St Bernadette's school car park, and it's a lovely 5-minute walk from there to the Triangle.
  • DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE SHOPS ON MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY. You will probably get booked. There's a half-hour and two-hour parking zone. We post about a dozen signs, "No Festival Parking", but we've seen a musician park there, play a gig, and leave within the time limit. Thanks, mate. No laws broken but that's just not cool. And it gives the festival a bad reputation. Be considerate for the local traders, and for residents who need to make a quick stop-and-shop on their way home. Thank you for your kind support.
  • If you park in residential areas, please be considerate, follow instructions on signs and remember it's a residential street. Drive slowly, don't block driveways, don't leave rubbish, be quiet. Be nice. And, before you go back to your car, use the toilets in the park or the indoor venues, not the neighbours' front gardens. Thanks for your kind support.

I'm a professional musician, we're a professional band.
Is this a paid gig?

As this is a community event with limited funds, we regret that we are unable to pay musicians for their performances. We don't have the budget to pay over 140 acts (on average) every year. This is a non-profit, volunteer-run community festival with up to eight venues, only two of them requiring paid entry (at a very reasonable price you will not find elsewhere). The money raised from ticket sales does not cover even half the cost of producing the festival.
Often, professional acts will play a free gig at TBMF as a warm-up before playing a paid gig elsewhere later in the day/evening. Many performers, after playing a free showcase at the festival, have secured paid gigs with the tavern venues, and private gigs elsewhere. With its relaxed, friendly, musician-focused vibe, The Basin Music Festival is also a great way to hear and meet (and collaborate with) other musicians.
If you and your group choose to participate, and are on the schedule, you are welcome to sell your merchandise where you perform. Or bring your merchandise to the Information Tent and we will sell it for you, at no commission. Remember to get back to the Info Tent before you leave to collect your proceeds from sales and any unsold merchandise.

My band is booked to play the festival. Is there a back-line?

Yes. Details including back-line equipment will be in the message sent to the email address your band entered in the online registration form. Bass amps and drum kits are provided on the larger stages, but drummers must bring their own cymbals, snare, and kick pedal. Guitarists must bring their own leads, and electric guitarist must also bring their own amps. Small café stages will have small PAs. All stages will have DI provided.

My band played the festival, and we think we lost some equipment there...

No worries, because you put labels on all your stuff... right? 
Our tight schedule means quick change-overs between bands. You will not forget to take your guitar home, but how about that lead, the capo, the effects box? Label your stuff. Name and phone. Othrewise, see the Lost & Found page under the Contact Us tab.