Rangemaster is located inside a huge mudbrick and recycled timber building designed by the legendary Alistair Knox. This building, made in the 70′s has many different environments all under the one roof.


To make every Production hold it’s own, both artistically and sonically, against the world’s stage and all within an Australian budget.


Rangemaster is not just a great studio.
It is a creative space packed with inspiring, useful and fun equipment. Rangemaster uses industry standard, classic & proven (and a good dose of retro) technology. Rather than waste money on boutique museum pieces, we prefer to spend our purchasing power on equipment You can use during a session. For example, check out our enviable list of musical instruments, stage equipment and retro oddities.

The long list of recordings from Rangemaster that have hit the mainstream and community airwaves both in Australia and overseas is testament to the studios ability to produce world class productions.
From Grammy nominations, Aria awards and Hottest 100 winners, the Rangemaster team has the experience to deliver International products on a local budget.

The original Studio known as TLC studios was built by John Bosua, who during his long and illustrious career was Front Of House Engineer for AC-DC during the Bon Scott years. In 1975 his time with the Band in England was cut short due to a family tragedy so he returned home and built a successful sound re-enforcement business.

In 1986 John built a small 4 track reel to reel studio to meet an emerging need in the eastern suburbs for quality, low cost recordings. The business grew very quickly and John wisely invested the money back into it, purchasing quality microphones and a sony PCM digital master tape system. By 1990 he outgrew the original space and plans were made to build a larger facility and spare no expense.

In 1992 the new studio was opened, based around a $40,000 Soundtracs Megas console and Tascam DA-88 recorders, the first ever 8 track digital tape machines.

The studio was purchased by David Carr in 1998 and the facility became Rangemaster. The equipment was progressively updated and now we boast a state of the art Protools HD Native system with the best collection of microphones this side of Nashville.

In Feb 2013, Anthony Blake joined David Carr as Studio Partner, Manager and in-house engineer