The Basin Youth Stage Terms and Conditions

The Basin Youth Stage is a performance opportunity for young musicians and events crew under the auspices of The Basin Music Festival Association, a non-profit, all-volunteer organisation. It will happen on 25 July 2020.

Registration fee - $10.00 per act

Competition Prizes

Prizes will be awarded at the sole discretion of the judges in these categories:

  • Best Act Open (Under 25 - Best performance by a band, group, duo or solo)
  • Best Performer Open (Under 25 - Best performance by an individual artist)
  • Best Act Under 18
  • Best Performer Under 18

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Acts with all members under 18 years of age at 25 July 2020 may enter into either the Under-18 or Open categories. Acts with any members over 18 but under 25 will be entered into the Open category. No acts with members age 25 and over may apply. Applications close 13 July 2019.
  2. There are limited places available, so the organisers cannot guarantee that all eligible applicants will be offered a place in the program.
  3. All performers grant The Basin Music Festival Association the right to make and use any images or other recordings of them and their performance for the non-commercial purposes of promoting the The Basin Youth Stage and The Basin Music Festival.
  4. Each participant (that includes performers, their friends and family, event crew and event management personnel) will treat all other participants with courtesy, consideration and respect. All participants will likewise treat all equipment and facilities with consideration and respect for their users and owners. Behaviour and professionalism of performers are considered by the judges.

Stage Management Terms and Conditions:

  1. The stage is under the authority of the Stage Manager.
  2. All instructions from the Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Audio Engineer or Event Coordinator are to be followed immediately by all performers and event crew.
  3. Any participant failing to comply with a stage management direction may be disqualified from the competition.

Please note:

We provide a pro-quality stage set-up in a space that's acoustically prepared. The backline (musical instruments and equipment we provide for you to use) includes a 5-piece drum kit minus cymbals and kick pedal (yes, drummers, you must bring your own cymbals and bass-drum pedal, and feel free to bring your own snare drum if you like). We also provide a bass amp. We will probably have a guitar amp there, but we expect guitarists to bring their own amps. If you bring accessories, such as guitar stands, tuners, capos, cables, bags, etc., we strongly advise you (including drummers) to label your gear with your name and phone number. Every year we collect (abandoned? donated?) items that do not have name labels.

No, really. Label your stuff.

Please review and ensure you understand these terms and conditions before you proceed to the Youth Stage application.