TBMF 2021 has been postponed

Music festival 2021 postponed to later in the year.
Last year in mid-March, as we were poised to launch TBMF 2020, the pandemic hit Australia about one week before the festival, and we made the difficult decision to cancel the event.

Since then we have been working on ways to present a festival in 2021, while considering these factors:

  • Providing an entertaining, fun and inclusive music festival experience for all participants
  • Helping the musicians, volunteers, and community to stay safe
  • Supporting and coordinating with local traders in The Basin
  • Compliance with government guidelines and rules
  • Planning and preparing for all significant risks
  • Achieve these within a feasible budget, which is challenging under these high-risk circumstances.

We have had many meetings, emails, phone calls and Zoom sessions, and have been consulting closely with Knox City Council and experts.

Unfortunately, we were not able to provide a cost-effective and compliant event on our traditional mid-March weekend. We made a logical decision to postpone the 2021 festival to a weekend later in the year. This will allow more time for planning, permits, and fundraising. We also have some hopeful anticipation that some of the risk factors may be lower.

We are now projecting the festival weekend to happen in mid-November 2021.
Check here or Facebook occasionally to learn the dates as plans develop!

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, or want us to send you news updates, please contact us.

Stay safe and rock on,

The Basin Music Festival (TBMF) Association organising committee.


Festival Videos from 2017

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